Thursday, 8 June 2017

Mass Mailing Tool | High Performance Email Marketing Tool

Mass Mailing has a very prominent place in the world of Digital Marketing. If you need the best way of promoting your business, you should use mass mailing services from IKhat.

•   IKhat enriches your content with call-to-action and social media buttons and make all the efforts for the perfection of your campaign.

•   In IKhat we provide accurate and real-time statistics on every email sent out, which help in improving your marketing campaigns.

•   The link tracking tool by IKhat provides you a complete view of the performance of each campaign.

•   IKhat delivers your email campaigns very fast which is essential in this competitive world.

•   IKhat uses spam checker to prevent it from being spam and make the better chance of your email getting in the inbox.

•   IKhat automatically deletes those emails from your mailing list that get bounced.

•   Ikhat through our efficient email marketing services opens the door for the growth potential of your business.

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