Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Digital Marketing Through Email | Bulk Email Service provider

Digital marketing through email has become an essential marketing initiative today. Ikhat, the leading bulk email solutions provider, makes your email marketing campaign easy and effective. May be all of you don’t agree with this but it is a truth that email campaigns or email newsletters are the most effective way to make your business really growing.

And these are some proofs of this statement: -

1.  Irreparable
There are billions of emails accounts exist today. We can’t imagine any business without an email marketing campaign as it is become an irreparable part of marketing. Growing business through emails is IKhat’s forte.

2.  Reachability
Emails are more reachable to the subscribers who really want them. It is true that many people don’t read emails but who could actually can become your customer after connected with you through bulk email marketing.

3.  Life span
In compare to another social media emails have a long lasting life span, as it doesn’t die, it needs to be deleted. Emails will remain in your subscriber’s inbox until he or she take an action to delete it. So there always remains a possibility of acknowledgement of an email until it is deleted.

4.  ROI is assured
According to Exact Target every investment on email marketing gets assured ROI.

5.  Integration
This is a fact that email and social media are friends. Integration of your email marketing with social media will be surely beneficial.

6.  Promotional
The percentage of involvement is much more in promotional emails than any other promotional post on social media. In recent study by a company of recipients said they’ve used coupon and discounts from promotional emails.

7.  Personalization
Because of the ability of personalization email marketing services through Ikhat is more appealing and successful than any other methods.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Effective Email Marketing | Professional Email Marketing Service Provider

By Bulk Email Marketing you can raise your business rapidly. Email Marketing is the most effective and affordable tool to boost ROI as it enhances customer relationship on a deeper level than any other marketing strategy. We should have a perfect and effective strategy. We at IKhat understands the value of effective email marketing that enable our clients to use our email marketing resources and send email marketing campaign.

Bulk email marketing from Ikhat is the most economical means of marketing one can easily enhance his business every day. We deliver communication timely to your targeted customers with our cost effective system. With Ikhat you will surely achieve improvements in ROI. Through our bulk email campaigns we help you to acquire new customers as well as to announce new plans and policies.