Monday, 3 June 2019

How to Use Email Marketing to Build Brand Awareness | Cheapest Email Marketing India

How to Use Email Marketing to Build Brand Awareness

Now, you’ve got your company in place. Your projects are ongoing and your business is running. But is your business really growing? Are people aware of what you do? Do customers know what you have to offer? It’s time to generate brand awareness. Let your potential customers know you’re a blessing for them. And the best tool to build brand awareness in today’s world is email marketing.

Customers prefer personalization and the best way to personalize your product for them is to arrive in their inbox, surprise them and show them what you’ve got.

Using bulk email marketing has a number of additional benefits. While it is cost effective and efficient, it allows you to send targeted campaigns and gets you instant impact and results. Everyone loves a warm welcome and emails are no different. Give a nice welcome to your prospective customers. Keep the content cogent and clear and send out a proper brand logo. Never forget to seek permission for future communication.

Decide what your brand image should project and stick to it, make sure it is standardized throughout and there should be no diversions from it. Make the email experience interactive and engaging. Ask questions, make it fun and creative. Your call to action should be appealing and attractive, so people can take an action immediately. Share things that will increase the knowledge of your customers rather than continuously trying to sell your products. Be regular with your mails and tailor them according to the preferences of your customers.

Email marketing is a powerful tool but only when you know how to use it!

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Event Related Email Marketing | Bulk Email Service Providers

Event Related Email Marketing

If you’re in the process of hosting an event but need to figure out ways to increase the number of people who will attend the event, then email marketing related to events is the solution.  For instance, if your event is a webinar or a launch of a new product, the fruitfulness of the event depends on its participants. People must be aware of the event and what it will be all about.  And there’s no better way than connecting with your potential customers than an email. Receiving a message in your inbox makes the message more personal and there are chances of a greater response. The ROI increases and so does awareness related to the product.

Additionally, you can even track the success of the bulk email marketing campaign, by figuring out who opened your mail, what worked for your business and how the email performed overall.

However, if you’re still not satisfied with the traffic you received, we bring to you a list of strategies that you can follow to be successful with your email campaign.

1. Focus on the email design. A crystal clear layout, with a clean display of the elements will determine the success.  Use attractive colours, so that the email stands out in the mail box. But remember, always use a consistent colour scheme.

2. Always place the CTA or call to action button where it is clearly visible to the recipient. Customers wish to take quick action. Make the call to action buttons attractive, so customers can respond immediately.

3. Mobile optimization- make sure your email is mobile friendly. Mails that do not open correctly on phone devices are deleted.

4. Include a video- In this age, videos appeal to people more than images. It helps grab attention and increases response rate.

5. Include testimonials- testimonials make your mail more real and allows the user to know how your previous event went. It also helps establish a little bit of trust.

6. Let your recipient know details about the speakers of the event. This will help drive registrations. Let them virtually  know the speakers.

7. Tell them the  objective of the event, how will they benefit by attending it? Making the objective crisp and clear.

8. Use social media to gain more attraction. Keep the  power of social media in mind and then make your event go viral.

9. Finally, do an A/B test of your email. Check it thoroughly for any errors.

Keep the above mentioned strategies in mind and you’re sure to excel.


Friday, 30 November 2018

Build Your Own Email List To Send Successfull Email Campaigns | Bulk Email Service Providers

Grow Your Own Email List

Purchasing an email list is never the best idea. Organically growing an email list yields benefits like no other. An email list is the building block for any business. The success of the business lies on the efficiency of communication, which is always a two way street. Customer support in a business is always essential and there’s no better way than keeping your loyal customers in the loop through regular emails. Emails allow customer feedback for your business and keep the customers updated on any new development that may be of interest to them.

Interaction is key and for that interaction to be fruitful, quality of subscribers is crucial. A pre bought email list will focus on quantity, not quality. If quality is compromised, it can lead to failure of the email campaign. A purchased email list does not test the veracity of the email, it does not even check whether the email id still exists. This can hamper the deliverability of the mail and the mail may bounce back. The ids in a purchased list are mostly black listed or non-existent. No company would sell their list to you if it was a verified list. Do not indulge in purchasing a list as it will severely impact your brand/company reputation. Stay cautious, as a purchased list may lead your email service provider to penalize you. The list may adversely impact the deliverability of mails on that IP list.

Buying a purchase list does not comply with the rules and is illegal under the Violation of the consent rules under GDPR. Always create and Opt in email list. This list is created after taking the consent of the recipient, who then becomes voluntary subscribers to your mails. Create a list with good content, which will be valued by the audience and redirect them to your business goals. Make them feel valued and important and offer them what they are looking for.

Creating subscription forms on the website will help you to build a list. Make sure the subscription forms are easy to locate and are must be visually placed on the website. Make discount offers and refer a friend and get a discount offer so that the word spreads.

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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Why You Should Not Send Email Campaigns To Every Email id | Bulk Email Service Provider

While the trend for bulk email marketing seems to escalate quickly, it is imperative to understand that every email id in the database must not be a recipient of the email. Targeting your mails to specific senders improves the probability of a definitive purchase. Focusing on potential customers is crucial for positive results. It is important to note that sending an email does end there; it is not a one-way street. Building a strong customer relationship that lasts well into the future is key. Customer loyalty must be fulfilled.

Based on the goals that you wish to achieve with bulk email marketing, the characteristics of the audience must be gauged. Factors like age, interest, demography, income etc. play an important role in determining the success of the campaign. Narrowing down the audience on the above parameters ensures greater success.

Structure the email in a manner that the recipient is sure to respond. The content of the email must be favorable enough to induce a reply. Avoid sending mails to those customers who would potentially unsubscribe. It is wastage of time and effort. Relevance of the email is a significant factor. Keeping a tab on customer activities and purchases is helpful. Sending coupons to potential customers for increasing sales is a step towards a successful campaign. Seeking permission from customers before sending mails is a good idea to build customer satisfaction and loyalty. So the next time you build an email campaign, consider the above mentioned factors and you’re sure to succeed.

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Friday, 21 September 2018

Methodology To Design Creative And Effective Web Design | Website Designing Company India

An amalgamation of creativity, innovation and problem solving techniques deems any organization as successful. Fostering these skills not only promotes effective business development, but also enables a firm to capitalize on a solution-based approach. Human beings are creative beings. To think out of the box and surpass the boundaries of our imagination is in our inherent nature. A design thinking approach makes preparations for an unforeseen future, transforming the result into something fruitful by utilizing creativity as the mechanism. 

The design thinking methodology is solution centric, dynamic and adaptable. It is the conversion of a problem into a satisfactory solution; the implementation of unique ideas to accomplish strategic goals. 

A key component of the design thinking methodology is that art and design work in tandem with one another. An artistically designed and curate solution adds value to the approach.

At odyssey, we propagate and follow the design thinking methodology to enhance our vision. Any hurdle that encircles our web designing capacity is met with a creative solution. We follow a cyclical pattern, which entails discovery, re-framing the problem and analyzing possibilities, the germination of an idea, the testing of that idea through a SWOT analysis and its eventual execution.

CPS or creative problem solving does not require you to be a designer. Unconsciously, you learn to think like a designer during the process of strategizing and it is significant for the productive growth of the organization.

The approach renders the customers as key to strategy building. The customer’s problems are prioritized, after which a solution is creatively constructed. Customers enable tackling even complex issues through a design thinking methodology.

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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Best Solution For Email Marketing | Bulk Email Service Provider

Ikhat is your solution to email marketing problems. A bulk email service such as IKhat lies at the pinnacle of marketing success. In a fast growing digitalized world, the bulk email service is a boon. It is a powerful tool for mass communication and is cost effective. It possesses the ability to generate messages on a wide scale. Individuals who subscribe to a specific channel can receive appropriate updates and information. Unlike spam, these are purposeful messages that enable awareness and decision-making.

Bulk email marketing requires little or no effort. Through the click of a single button, the message spreads like wild fire. The best characteristic is that the target market can be easily selected beforehand, preventing any inconvenience that may result. The quintessential way to generate brand awareness is through an Email- an email not only encompasses advertisements and a promotional component, it has the potential to aid the company/firms loyalty and trust amongst its potential customers.

The service enables optimum development of your business and massive outreach of the campaign undertaken by you. The masses are the best supporters of any project you undertake, but what makes them engage with your business strategy is awareness and Best email marketing services are the ideal mechanism of spreading awareness to the customer base.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Reasons why your Email Newsletter is not being Read?

Email Newsletters are very helpful in connecting your business with the target audience. It is definitely a great way to announce peculiarities and updates about your products/services. To prevent your Newsletter from not being read by the audience you should follow some tips given below.

1.  Useful information should be the key to your Newsletter : Don’t just limit your Newsletter in the promotional structure adversely it should be filled with useful information in which customer is interested.

2.  Short and Compelling Content : Your newsletter should not be as long as it leads to uninterested audiences. Further, your newsletter should be filled with attractive taglines, videos and short n’ compelling content so that it can appeal the audiences.

3.  Informative and Captivating Heading : A catchy and distinct heading can easily captivate the attention of audiences and make them click on and read the full newsletter. To generate curiosity of readers a newsletter should have conveyed the right information about the whole story you want to communicate.

4.  Create newsletter according to the Analytical surveys : When we create a newsletter we should always take help of analytical reports as they will tell us how to make audiences to respond. If we carefully interpret the analytics we can make our newsletters more interesting.

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