Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Reasons why your Email Newsletter is not being Read?

Email Newsletters are very helpful in connecting your business with the target audience. It is definitely a great way to announce peculiarities and updates about your products/services. To prevent your Newsletter from not being read by the audience you should follow some tips given below.

1.  Useful information should be the key to your Newsletter : Don’t just limit your Newsletter in the promotional structure adversely it should be filled with useful information in which customer is interested.

2.  Short and Compelling Content : Your newsletter should not be as long as it leads to uninterested audiences. Further, your newsletter should be filled with attractive taglines, videos and short n’ compelling content so that it can appeal the audiences.

3.  Informative and Captivating Heading : A catchy and distinct heading can easily captivate the attention of audiences and make them click on and read the full newsletter. To generate curiosity of readers a newsletter should have conveyed the right information about the whole story you want to communicate.

4.  Create newsletter according to the Analytical surveys : When we create a newsletter we should always take help of analytical reports as they will tell us how to make audiences to respond. If we carefully interpret the analytics we can make our newsletters more interesting.

Ikhat is one of the best email marketing solution for email newsletter. It is a very simple platform from where you can send your email campaigns. you can get 100 emails absolutely free when you register on our website first time.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Best Email Marketing Solution For Online Marketing

Why is Email Marketing Preferred for Online Marketing

If you want your consumers around the world, Online Marketing is the only way for you. There are multifarious ways to effectuate Online Marketing.

1.  Display Advertising
You can use display advertising by showing some text, images or videos regarding your brand to potential customers.

2.  Social Media Marketing
Use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. is very much popular for marketing in these days.

3.  Web Banners
Under the Web browser mostly graphical information about products or services is being displayed today. They are also very useful marketing tools as they also bear click button.

4.  Email Marketing
Most effective, popular, convenient and up to the mark option for online marketing is – ‘Bulk Email Marketing’. If you choose experienced and cost-effective bulk email solutions provider, this may be the more successful and cheaper way of Online Marketing than other above mentioned. In just one click you can reach to Lakhs of prospective customers as ‘Ikhat do. You can send your campaigns to databases of particular subscribers to choose only those who may be interested in your product/services based upon last email campaign.

Because of the accessibility now each and every company is using Email Services for their Online Marketing. Emails can be sent to consumers time to time according to different seasons, festival time etc. and can update customers about your new offers and arrivals/launches.

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Friday, 23 March 2018

Fly High With Email Marketing | Bulk Email Service Provider

Because of the noise of social media, consisting a lot of Tweets, likes, and status updates, everybody finds inbox a calmer and easier place to deal with! So today constructing or designing of a flawless Email Marketing Campaigns are became more important than ever. But it is also very important to make your bulk email marketing so efficient to ensure the success.

If we consider following points, we can utilize Email Marketing very well.

•  Message should be simple so that the receivers do not get confused.
•  Create a convincing email about the benefits of your products/services.
•  For getting more success, select the right sort of people who could be your potential customers. In Ikhat it is done by meticulous surveys.
•  Use of attention capturing and classy words/phrases, make the customer bound to open and read.

Through Ikhat’s bulk email service provider strategy you can extend the number of your customer and make your business growing fast. We create customized emails with interesting images and customer engaging tools, to make them in touch with your company, products or services’ updates.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Get Desired Results By Sending Email Campaigns | Best Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing is not just a marketing strategy of sending bulk emails to the people but it is also a way of production of beneficial emails and administration of related surveys. As it is a very easy and quick way to get started your business marketing with ikhat bulk email marketing. It helps you to get your marketing message in front of your audience by sending them regular emails.

Through sending emails campaign you can easily increase your brand awareness and continue boosting your business growth level status. Email marketing helps a company to grow its level of communication. Ikhat empowers all its clients to get automated email campaigns which make email marketing more successful and effortless. 

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Important Factors For Successful Email Marketing | Bulk Email Service

How to make strategy to send mail
If we observe that the receivers are not taking interest in our emails, it’s time to change the style, content, and type of the messages consisting of our emails. The real objective of sending emails is to knock up our customers and get them interested in our product. For this, the email must be appealing and authentic.

Emphasize the benefits of product/service
Email should be convincing enough about the advantages of that product or service.

Selection of right people
For getting more success through bulk email marketing selection of right people is a must. Ikhat makes meticulous surveys to find out potential customers and sent email to the right sort of people.

Concord tenor and language of content
Use of classy and jazzy terms capture more attention and thus make an email more attractive. In Ikhat we emphasize on the product or services instead of company to make email campaign more successful.

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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Email Marketing Most Utilized Strategy | Best Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing is the most utilized strategy that can help a business to achieve the appropriate target. As in bulk email marketing, we can control exactly who will see an email, something like targeting audience. With a proper strategic plan and apt content, Email marketing can increase awareness. Easy share ability of emails increases exposure and credibility of your brand. Cost-effectiveness makes email marketing more beneficial digital marketing strategy.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Ikhat Spam Free Email Marketing Tool | Best Email Marketing Solution

What is the use of sending an email if it land up in spam folder or anywhere else in spite of reaching into inbox of the recipients? In IKhat we assures you that you won’t be blocked by the servers and your emails reach to its real destination, the inbox of recipients as IKhat provides you a perfect platform. By using original and unique data we make your emails bounce number of email will lead your campaign to be blacklisted. There are some keywords that lead to spam like- Sale, Free, and Bonus etc., so we suggest you to avoid such words while composing your email campaign.

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