Friday, 29 March 2013

Email Marketing Trend Boon for Your Business | Digital Marketing Through Email

Email marketing trend increasing day by day. It is the most effective tool for business organizations. Email is one of the most profitable marketing channels today in competitive market. New-New technologies hitting the market it just seems like sky is the limit.

It is the most effective technology because it requires less input and gives maximum output. There are so many new trends in email marketing are coming heavily based on technology advances. Optimizing  email messages, both in design and messages, for mobile platforms appears to be the wave of the future. One of boon of popularity with email is that it’s so easy to check messages anywhere anytime. The study found that email drives consume purchases more than any other marketing channel. Sixty-six percent of the respondents said they made a purchase based on a marketing  email, followed by direct mail, telephone, Facebook and text messages, in that order.

At last I can say that email marketing trends is growing because it really works and it is effective in your business. It is boon for business owners.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Some Key tips for email marketing | Boost Your Sale Through Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is defined as the process of soliciting business prospects via email. It is just as we previous sends mails through postal service, messages now days we are sending it through electronically via email.

It improves the value with customer relationships while also giving stress to new prospects it is tough challenge. But those are professional in email marketing and they are using the updated email marketing tools make it surprisingly easy and affordable. Another advantage associated with email marketing is that it can be personalized for the recipients increasing chances of conversions.

Some of the most important benefits of Email Marketing

  • Email marketing reduces time and efforts.
  • It helps to increase sales.
  • Emails help in generate repeat business.
  • Improve tracking and feedback.
  • Increase customer’s loyalty and profitability

Key tips for Email Marketing

  • Make it sure that your email has obvious links
  • Minimize your use of Images
  • Make it easy to unsubscribe
  • Follow spam tips every time you send email
  • Maximize your email template Dimensions
  • Keep your text short and easy to scan
  • Keep your email list clean
  • Properly use Alt text, Title and Linked with images
  • Send test emails before sending to mail list
  • Make sure to piggyback a text version