Thursday, 18 May 2017

Boost Your Sale Through Email Marketing

Email Marketing is not just a process of sending emails rather it is the production of beneficial emails and administration of related surveys. The main goal of Email Marketing is to attract the targeted customers by follow-up of accurate strategy and boost your sale through email marketing.

IKhat provides you an eminent platform for a successful email campaigns. By the thoughtful utilization of email marketing techniques, a company can easily increase the number of customers and acquire grand success in its business.

By using the below-mentioned techniques in email campaigns one can rouses the curiosity of the subscribers, for their product or services.

·   An email should clearly express the benefits of using the particular product/service, so that the budding customers may attract towards your product/services.

·   The content and the substance of that content should be consistent with some classy terms, to draw the attention of prospective customers.

·   Mass mailing emails should not be sent to everybody without considering of their potentiality of being the possible customer.

·   While sending the email we should only describe our product/services only rather than the description of our company.

·     Your contact details should be mentioned in mail campaigns clearly

IKhat assures you that by following the above mention strategies, your email campaign will be a success and fruitful for your business.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Bulk Email Services Provider | Effective Email Marketing

In iKhat a mass mailing tool, by email campaign reporting, we can track the results of each campaign.
This is done by reporting of following categories: -

Open /click rate reporting

iKhat allows you to know how many subscribers are reading your email marketing campaign. To resolute and records clicking action is called Link Click Tracking. It means that to know, who opened your email messages and how many times they have opened your message and clicked on any links or not.

Track your recipient's location

iKhat the leading bulk email services provider, provides you for tracking your recipient's location as we points the exact geographical location from where your recipients open your email.

Track your bounces

iKhat, the cheap email marketingservices provider facilitates you to see which emails bounced (soft or hard) and make notes on which emails to take off your list for next time.

Unsubscribe activities

iKhat, the best email Marketingservices provider shows you list of each contact that clicked the unsubscribe link in the campaign and removed themselves from the distribution list.